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The New Security Solution Of Electric Power Grid

Zhongshan GateSea Technology Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2018

The new security solution of electric power grid

Remote monitoring and security of the electric power grid is as important as ever. Whether you need to monitor equipment, or protect from theft and tampering, having real-time connected monitoring is critical to your operation.


The Gatesea Cloud Service provides an end-to-end solution for remote monitoring of electrical substations and other critical infrastructure areas. The rich feature set provides data logging, alerts and alarms, and image archive. Even in very remote locations, it can be kept secure and under surveillance. Catch the criminals who are cutting through fencing to steal copper with our instant motion activated alerts.


Videos & images are immediately sent to our cloud camera control software which can be viewed by a companys security department, or whoever is in charge of that particular location. Immediate action typically occurs to eliminate any further acts such as vandalism or theft.