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Why Do Construction Sites Need Gatesea?

Zhongshan GateSea Technology Ltd | Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Why do construction sites need gatesea?

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Construction is an ever-expanding and thriving industry, which encompasses individuals ranging from residential builders, executive commercial investors and company owners to the crews on site. The construction industry alone has spawned an entirely new "black market" industry called "construction theft". The Federal Crime Insurance Bureau estimates that construction theft has grown to generate over $1 billion a year in insurance claims, and over 90 percent of this theft happens directly from jobsites. Over the past decade, technology (including mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones ) available to the industry has grown exponentially, but the use of new technologies in products and services within the construction industry has lagged.

Our construction camera systems provide all the essential items that everyone in the construction industries needs for today's jobsites. Most construction sites do not have a dedicated Internet connection and power in locations where construction site security cameras are necessary. The design of our construction cameras allows for Full time jobsite security and the ability to create high definition time lapse videos, draw on pictures, and overlay picture analysis, which effectively protects the safety of construction sites.