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Solar Powered Outdoor Security Camera

solar powered outdoor security camera Package List Solar Panel x1 4G Camera x1 Bracket x2 Holder for Pole x2 Holder for angle x2 Stainless Ribbon x6 U Ring (89mm) x2 U Ring (140mm) x2 Accessories (screws, washers, nuts...) Technical Information Application Construction 100% solar & wireless,...

Product Details

solar powered outdoor security camera 


Package List

Solar Panel x1

4G Camera x1

Bracket x2

Holder for Pole x2

Holder for angle x2

Stainless Ribbon x6

U Ring (89mm) x2

U Ring (140mm) x2

Accessories (screws, washers, nuts...)


Technical Information





100% solar & wireless, web-based and installs in 20 minutes. Allowing users to access your cameras from any PC or mobile device via web browser. A simple solution for nearly every job site under the sun, improved project quality and project management.



Ranches and farms are remote, and WiFi and power grid are generally not available.100% solar powered supports the cameraworking 24/7/365! The Cloud Service and Web Application allow you to log on from any computer or smart phone to remote monitoringand to receive alerts.

Traffic & Roads


The small size and light weight of the systemallows them to be placed on existing infrastructure such as light poles, traffic poles, bridges, trees.The Cloud Service provides complete management of the cameras, links to public view pages for real-time traffic conditions.

Cities & Public Works


Subwebcamconsume 1/5th to 1/10th the power of traditional remote cameras due to a unique, patented low-power integrated electronics design. It allows camera to work for a long time after one time solar charged.

Oil & Gas Environmental Monitoring


Sunwebcam is wireless surveill ancecameras designed for harsh environments, with rugged allweather enclosures pressure sealed to IP67. It is completely self contained, with a short cable to the included solar panel.

Environmental Monitoring


100% wireless/solar data and image collection. The Cloud Service provides a turn-key solution for environmental engineers and scientists to focus on the data.



Remote monitoring and security of the electric power grid is as important as ever. The Sunwebcam and Cloud Service provides an end-to-end solution for remote monitoring of electrical substations and other critical infrastructure areas.The rich feature set provides data logging, alerts and alarms, and image archive.



Ideal for outdoor usage, helping to monitor especially in large areas without power grid or guards, such as, dam, reservoir, bay, etc. Saving the cost of typical solutions involve expensive communications infrastructure and security cost.

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