China Aids 315 sets of 60W Solar Street Light to Egypt
Date: 2015
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Products: GSAL- 60W solar street light
Quantities: 315 sets
Installation: Height of 8 meters; Pole spacing of 30 meters

  1. This is a China Aid project, initiated by Department of Foreign Assistance, Ministry of Commerce, China, to New & Renewable Energy Authority, Egypt;
  2. Another friendly donation to Egypt, by Chinese government;
  3. Project begun in February 2013, and was finished in July 2013; Gatesea Technology is the Sub-contractor, supplying LED street light;
  4. Contact details from Egypt: Dr. Ibrahim Aboulnaga from New & Renewable Energy Authority; Telephone: 0020 2227 131 76, 0020 2227 185 05.
Address: Guangdong,China
EMAIL:sales@gatesea.comPHONE:+86 19867424502Whatsapp:+86 19867424502