A Grade Solar Panel

Maximize Generating Efficiency

360 Degrees gets sunlight radiation

Set solar panel in horizontal & vertical direction;

Maximized solar energy utilization rate;

Increased 71.65% more generating capacity than traditional type.

Mono-crytalline silicon solar panel

Over 19.6% transfer efficiency

Mono-crytalline silicon solar panel


Germany OSRAM/ US Bridgelux LED

Imported LED light source

Luminous efficiency >150LM/W

Convex optical lens, >92% light transmission rate


Latest LED high power light distribution lens design, significantly improve the lighting performance, illumination and uniformity; Especially comply with various outdoor light distribution requirements.

MPPT Intelligent Controller Muti-Protection

Most efficent and secure controller for solar powered camera & lights


Adopts MPPT charging technology, auto-protection in low & overheat temperature, microwave induction motion sensor is optional; ALS2.0 power management highly prolonged street lights working hours in consecutive NO-SUN days.

Wireless Control Solution for Smart City

Excellent electromagnetic compatibility;

Easy to manage & trace every single street lights at terminal devices;

Wireless ad-hoc network technology, with GPRS communica -tion module;

Adopts latest ALS2.0 power management technology

More accurate power output arithmetic and less power dissipation

With ALS2.0 the controller calculates batteries’s capactiy, then output to LED & camera consumption accordingly, higly prolonged working hours in NO-SUN days of rainy and snowy season.

Brand New Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 Battery

Say No to used second hands inferior battery units

All batteries were strictly tested, ensure its best properties and safety in low temperature and overheat condition, over 2,000 cycle times lifespan.

● LiFePo4 Battery: 2000+ Life Cycle, >8 years life span;  ● Capacity retention rate reaches greater than 75%;  ● Working temperature range -40 to +65 degrees.

High energy density: Solar powered lights & camera needing to operate longer between charges while still consuming more power, there is always a need to batteries with a much higher energy density. The much higher power density offered by lithium ion batteries is a distinct advantage.

Self-discharge: Lithium ion cells is that their rate of self-discharge is much lower than that of other rechargeable cells such as Ni-Cad and NiMH forms. It is typically around 5% in the first 4 hours after being charged but then falls to around 1 or 2% per month.


Low maintenance: One major lithium ion battery advantage is that they do not require and maintenance to ensure their performance. Ni-Cad cells required a periodic discharge to ensure that they did not exhibit the memory effect. As this does not affect lithium ion cells, this process or other similar maintenance procedures are not required.


Variety of types available: There are several types of lithium ion cell available. This advantage of lithium ion batteries can mean that the right technology can be used for the particular application needed. Some forms of lithium ion battery provide a high current density and are ideal for solar powered lights & camera.

Advantages of lithium-ion & lithium

iron phosphate battery

Lead acid Lithium
High temperature tolerance 20℃ 40℃
Low temperature tolerance >0℃ <0℃
Turnaround cycle efficiency 75% 98%
Charge rate 0.2C >5C
DOD tolerance 50% 95%
Discharge cycles @ 80% DOD 400-500 2000
Discharge cycles @ 30% DOD 1500 7000
Weight (vs Lead) 100% ±25%
Replacement timeframe 1.5-3 years 8-10 years
Complexity Easy Complicated
Environmental impact Higher Lower
Total cost of ownership Higher Lower

Cycle life comparison in hot climate (45℃)

Battery life cycle based on DoDBattery life cycle based

on DoD (dischage current of0.5C)

Cycle life comparison in low climate (-20℃)

Capacity VS Temperature


Mega-pixel high resolution lens to ensure high resolution and high contrast performance.


Built-in battery system inovation, reduce power loss, save space and easy installtion.


Customize the 3G/4G frequency for different country all over the world.


Monocrystalline silicon solar panel, effciency up to 19.76%.

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