Management Platform

2020 latest smart solution for eco-friendly smart city

The centralized control and management platform for solar street light works through solar photovoltaic application and Zigbee wireless communication technology, 4G communication, cloud computing, internet of things and mobile Internet technology.

It has the functions of adjusting brightness, active fault alarm, anti-theft of lights and cables, planning tasks, and so on. Intelligent solar street lights can greatly improve the level of public lighting management, save power resources, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase additional benefits.

Visualized Data


Solar panel & battery pack voltages

Charging & output current

Overload information

Under voltage Alarm

PV & LED street light fault

Multitasking management

Intelligent control without regular on site monitoring

Real time monitoring & capturing all areas installed

Email, SMS message, intelligent alarm notification advance-warning

Locate faulty light accurately

Easy installation and maintenance

Intellectualized operation

Electronic map location tracing

Adjusting light working hours through our system

Easy maintenance & troubleshooting

Synchronize all lights to operate identically

Single timing switch for group of lights

Group dimming Time adjustment for all lights

Manually switch control for group of lights

Auto group controlling

Planning tasks, i.e: on/off, dimming, brightening. etc.

Easy spot troubled lights and send maintainer

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