Modularized Solar Street Lights


1. Modularized design for easier troubleshooting and maintainance;
2. High brightness meets outdoor lighting requirements;
3. Long back up power unit for continuous rainy days.

Place Recommended:

Parking lot;
Open space of factories;
Roads of remote areas, countryside roads;
Sidewalk of residential area, communities;
Pathway of scenic spots, tourist attractions and city parks;

Modularized Solar Street Lights

Model GS-YL series modularized integrated solar street lights, integrated designed lamp body; There are 4 working modes for most scenarios which can be easily switched by remote or simply push the botton on the lampbody; From the indicator lights the end users can easily tell which working modes was chosed; The light source adopts OSRAM 5050# LED chip, luminous efficiency of every single LED bead as high as 150 lm/W; With latest ALS2.0 power management solution this model can perfectly functional in the long rainy



≥150LM/Watt high brightness LED light source

≥ 7 consecutive rainy days battery back up

Modularized structure for easier mantainance

Adapted detachable pole


Working modes

M1 (5hours): 5h 80% brightness, turn off lights;

M2 (8hours): 5h 50% brightness + 3h 20% brightness, turn off lights;

M3 (12hours): 5h 40% brightness + 7h 10% brightness, turn off lights;

M4 (PIR mode): 60 seconds 100% brightness, switch to dim mode 5% brightness;

Height 3m 3.5m 4m 5m
Top segment φ68.5mm*730mm φ68.5mm*1220mm φ68.5mm*300mm φ68.5mm*1300mm
Middle segment φ102.5mm*1170mm φ102.5mm*1170mm φ102.5mm*1900mm φ102.5mm*1900mm
Bottom segment φ142.5mm*1100mm φ142.5mm*1100mm φ142.5mm*1800mm φ142.5mm*1800mm
Tube thickness 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.5mm


Model No. GS-YL07C-30W GS-YL07-30W GS-YL07-40W GS-YL07-50W
Luminous Efficiency 3,000lm 3,000lm 4,000lm 5,000lm
LED quantity 5W*18PCS 5W*18PCS 5W*24PCS 5W*30PCS
Solar Panel 27V46W 27V45W 27V59W 27V70W
Solar Panel Dimension (mm) 768*346 882*347 768*346 768*346
Lithium Battery (LiFePO4) 19.2V18Ah 19.2V14.4Ah 19.2V18Ah 19.2V24Ah
Product Dimension (mm) 774*351*314 907*372*234 1150*372*234 1345*372*133
Packing Dimension (mm) 830*440*400 985*450*250 1230*450*250 1430*450*250
Mounting Height Recommended 3~3.5m 3~3.5m 4m 5m
Post Intervals Recommended 10~12m 10~12m 15~20m 20~25m
Detachable Pole Recommended GS-YLP- 3m GS-YLP- 3.5m GS-YLP- 4m GS-YLP- 5m


Light power Places recommended
●  30W Pathway of garden/ Parking lot/ Footpath of park/ Road of tourist area/ Roads of residential area
●  40W Street of industrial park/ Street of residential area/ Parking lot/ Road of countryside/
Road of remote areas/ Road of tourist area
●  50W Urban main road/ Road of factory & school /Street of industrial park /Parking lot /
Road of countryside/ Road of remote areas/ Main street of urban area

Solar panel production process

The sort of good solar cells for single welding and string welding, our company has four fully automatic single-welding machine
After testing the unproblematic solar panel, the vacuum layer is pressed into the laminating machine,we currently have three automatic laminating machine, the daily output of 200
Clean the surface of the solar panel
Solar panels for loading and unloading

Lithium battery workshop

Put nickel belt in the bottom

Current and voltage test

Install the housing front: switch, monitor

Charge and discharge aging tester

Lamp post workshop

Cut the plate in accordance with the upper and lower caliber of the poles

According to the size of the solar panel mounted solar panel size

According to the requirements of the customer’s polished color spray powder, you can not spray directly after the polished poles for passivation

Packed light poles shipped


Intelligence Management Platform

Multitasking management

Intelligent control without regular on site monitoring

Real time monitoring & capturing all areas installed

Email, SMS message, intelligent alarm notification advance-warning

Locate faulty light accurately

Easy installation and maintenance

Intellectualized operation

Electronic map location tracing

Adjusting light working hours through our system

Easy maintenance & troubleshooting

Synchronize all lights to operate identically

Single timing switch for group of lights

Group dimming Time adjustment for all lights

Manually switch control for group of lights

Auto group controlling

Planning tasks, i.e: on/off, dimming, brightening. etc.

Easy spot troubled lights and send maintainer

Solar Street Light Solution

we can provide DiaLux simulation for customers’ project upon per requests, we can design a road to demonstrate, or use the drawings ( PDF or DWG file, etc ) customer provides to do implantation, customers can get a general ideal about our solar street lights working performance before procurement; At same time we will provide our opinion based on years of knowledge and experience, help customers to get the most suitable model for his project, this ensures each of our customers won’t overpay money for oversized solar street lights.

NASA Authoritative Database

Data of project sites is last 22 years average solar & weather condition

Solar Energy Resource

Monthly averaged insolation incident on a horizontal surface (kWh/m2/day), for sizing solar panels.

Geographical Coordinates

Accurate latitude & longitude data helps engineer get accurate results

Weather Condition

Equivalent number of NO-SUN or BLACK Days ( rainy & snowy season) for sizing capacity of battery.

DiaLux simulation for remote area road

Drawings ( PDF/DWG) of layout implantation upon request

Gatesea technology always believe the future of solar powered outdoor lights and application is promising, welcome to contact our sales engineers, our team will be happy to provide you the most practial and budget-friendly solar street lights solution.


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