Integrated Solar Street Lights (GSYLB)

Integrated Solar Street Lights

Model GSYLB series integrated solar street lights is a high performance outdoor lights, the latest convex optical lens light source is more brighter and more applicable beam angle for different lighting requirements, such as street lighting & open space area lighting; With blue LED strip lights aside the outline of the lampbody, this model is both practical and ornamental.



High efficient monocrystalline solar panel >18.79%

Upgraded convex optical lens light source 27% brighter;

Latest lithium battery power management technology ALS2.0


Light Power 20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 80W
LED Q’TY 3030#SMD*140PCS 3030#SMD*140PCS 3030#SMD*140PCS 3030#SMD*140PCS 3030#SMD*140PCS 3030#SMD*140PCS
Luminous Efficiency 2,500~3,000lm 3,000~3,600lm 4,500~5,500lm 6,500~7,000lm 7,000~7,500lm 9,500~10,000lm
Solar Panel 18V40Wp 18V50Wp 18V60Wp 18V70Wp 18V80Wp 18V90Wp
Lithium Battery (LiFePO4) 12V24Ah 12V30Ah 12V44Ah 12V54Ah 12V60Ah 12V80Ah
Product Dimension (mm) 650*360*160 890*360*160 1100*360*160 1200*360*160 1355*360*160 1530*360*160
Packing Dimension (mm) 700*420*180 1000*420*180 1150*420*180 1250*420*180 1440*420*185 1600*420*185
Weight (G.W/ CTN) 9.5kgs 11.2kgs 13.9kgs 19.5kgs 21.8kgs 24.6kgs
Mounting Height Recommended 3~5m 4~6m 5~7m 6~8m 7~9m 8~10m
Post Intervals Recommended 10~15m 13~15m 15~18m 18~22m 22~28m 25~30m


Light power Places recommended
●  20W/30W Pathway of garden/ Parking lot/ Footpath of park/ Road of tourist area/ Roads of residential area
●  40W/50W Street of industrial park/ Street of residential area/ Parking lot/ Road of countryside/
Road of remote areas/ Road of tourist area
●  60W/80W Urban main road/ Road of factory & school /Street of industrial park /Parking lot /
Road of countryside/ Road of remote areas/ Main street of urban area