R Series

The SolarMatrix is a pathbreaking LED solar street light suite, it has 2 parts the solar panel and all in one LED street lights, this revolutionary solar lighting system is designed for outdated street lights reconstruction project, instead of installing solar panel on top of street light pole, the hexagonal solar panel is installed in vertical positation on the pole; It can fit any existing street light pole easily by following few simple instructions as long as its diameter range is between 70mm to 160mm. The lamp head combines LED light source, batteries pack, intelligent controller, microwave motion sensor, hybrid grid power & solar controller (optional), wireless communication module(optional) all in one lamp housing.

Grid & Solar Street Lights

Model No.  GS-R Series 

Street Light Power.  20W/ 30W/ 40W/ 50W/ 60W

This visionary solar powered LED street lights combines the most advanced solar energy technology and grid network reliability, any old street light can use it as the redevelopment program; The hexagonal solar panel packs can be easily mounted on any kind of poles as long as its lamppost diameter is or larger than 165mm; The whole system only includes two functional parts: the solar panel packs & LED street lights with batteries and controller build-in the lamp housing; The vertical positioned solar panel not only get the maximal solar radiation during the whole day from 360 directions, but it looks more aesthetic compare with the traditional solar street light with its solar panel on the top of the pole.


At least 50% of solar panel face to sunlight at any time of the day;

Modular solar panels can be quickly and easily mounted on any suitable pole;

Vertical positioned solar panel won’t stack snow or sundries, and easy to clean;

The solid structures of the hexagonal solar panel packs can stand 10 grade typhoon.

The All In One Street Light Lamp Housing

The LED Street Lights + Lithium Battery + MPPT Controller + Microwave Motion Sensor + Hybrid System + Wireless Communication Module

Street Lights Parameters

Model No. GS-R20W GS-R30W GS-R40W GS-R50W GS-R60W
Post height 3~5M 3~6M 5~8M 6~8M 6~10M
Light power 20 Watts 30 Watts 40 Watts 50 Watts 60 Watts
Luminous flux >2,800LM >3,600LM >5,200LM >6,200LM >7,800LM
Beam angle 140*70° 140*70° 140*70° 140*70° 145*83°
Battery capacity 12V268WH 12V391WH 12V488WH 12V548WH 12V840WH
Battery lifespan >2,000 Cycles >2,000 Cycles >2,000 Cycles >2,000 Cycles >2,500 Cycles
Solar hexagonal G100W G140W G100W*2Pcs G140W*2Pcs G100W*3Pcs
Post dimension 90*150MM 100*160MM 100*160MM 100*170MM 120*160MM
Post distance 12~18M 15~20M 20~25M 18~28M 20~30M

Remark: Above specification includes whole pacages of solar street lights WITHOUT pole.

The Solar Matrix Hexagonal Solar Panel

Solar Matrix  Suite Parameters

Model No. G-55W G-100W G-140W
Power 18V55W 18V100W 18V140W
Cell type Monocrystalline Monocrystalline Monocrystalline
IMP 3.06A 5.6A 7.8A
Solar cell efficiency >21.2% >3,600LM >5,200LM
Cable type 2.5mm2 with MC4 2.5mm2 with MC4 2.5mm2 with MC4
Frame material Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy
Working temperature -40 ℃to 85℃ -40 ℃to 85℃ -40 ℃to 85℃
Packing dimensions 72*30*28cm 120*30*28cm 160*30*28cm
G.W/PKG 18kgs 22kgs 25kgs
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years
Certificate CE/SGS CE/SGS CE/SGS

Remark: Above specification includes whole pacages including full sets of mounting accessories.


Old street lights in urban areas redevelopment projects/ Environmentally friendly street lights project.

High Standard Workshops

Gatesea Solar Panel Workshop: grade A level polycrystalline & monocrystalline silicon solar cell are automatically sorted and welded by full-automatic machineries, high effieient and quality is guaranteed, lifespan more than 25 years.

Gatesea Battery Workshop: latest lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cell were chosen as the LED street lights’ power unit, adopted MPPT power management controller, the powerful battery pack cycles is greater than 2,000 times.

Gatesea LED Street Light Workshop: Philips high power LED chip, maximum 180lm per watt, bat wing light-distribution covers wider and larger space, durable aluminium alloy lamphousing ensures great heat dissipation.

Solar Matrix Packing


ISO9001:2015 certificate for production and sales of solar powered LED street lights, garden lights, webcam.

CE certificate for products of solar powered LED street lights, garden lights, outdoor lights.

CE certificate for products of vertical hexagonal solar & grid street lights.

CE certificate for products of vertical hexagonal solar pole, solar garden lights.

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