For years solar-powered street lights put the solar panel on the top of the pole, today customers are able to enjoy more beautiful designed solar street lights from Sparkle, with innovative idea of put solar panel on the lamp post, not only make the Street Lights more beautiful but massively increased the solar panel percent conversion, highly reduced solar panel been contaminated by dust, bird droppings; With the RTU&DTU&GPRS network, all the Smart Solar Street Lights can be easily controlled at PC end or mobile devices.

Sustainability through efficiency

The Sunwebcam Grid solar street light has a clean and effective design. The use of high quality components ensures optimal operation and a long lifetime. Unique solar technology combined with advanced electronics and an efficient LED lighting fixture make the Sunwebcam Grid the most efficient solar lighting solution.

The Sunwebcam Grid features unique patented cylindrical solar modules. The implemented solar cells are the most efficient in the market (>23%) and perform excellently at higher temperatures. Like a conventional solar panel, the cells are directly laminated onto the scratch resistant exterior. This increases both performance and durability and ensures no dirt or moist can accumulate in between the cells and their casing.

Advanced electronics maximise the power output of every individual solar module. All strings of cells function independent from each other. This means that a solar panel with lower performance (for example, due to shade) does not affect the performance of the other panels, ensuring reliable operation under the harshest of conditions.

Feed the power grid with solar energy:

All the street lights that light up our roads and highways add up to a sizeable portion of national power consumption. With solar street lights, we turn this problem around: the Sunwebcam Grid feeds electricity into the grid instead of consuming it. Whereas the Sunwebcam solar light post offers the perfect solution in locations that do not have access to an electrical grid, the Sunwebcam Grid offers the most cost-efficient solution for existing infrastructures. By refurbishing the streets of today with the efficiency and the aesthetics of Sunwebcam’s solar panel modules, the Sunwebcam Grid modernises infrastructure and enables energy neutral public lighting.

The Sunwebcam Grid offers the perfect solution to the high power consumption of public lighting – and it does so in a cost-efficient manner. The Sunwebcam Grid feeds solar energy into the power grid during daytime and withdraws what it needs to light the streets at night. Every solar street light is equipped with the most efficient solar cells on the market (>20%). The solar street light does not need a battery and can be controlled by a lighting system of choice. Due to Sunwebcam’s unique, cylindrical solar panels, a beautiful look is achieved that will attract the attention. The Sunwebcam Grid street light is a scalable solution to the increasing demand for electricity.

Technical details of the solar street light

In the table below, you can find the most important technical specifications and features of the Soluxio Grid.

Model Number: GS-CF 55W GS-CF 100W GS-CF 140W
Cell type Mono made in Taiwan Mono made in Taiwan Mono made in Taiwan
Pmax 55W 100W 140W
Vmp 18V 18V 18V
Imp 3.06A 5.6A 7.8A
Mast material 72*30*28cm 120*30*28cm 160*30*28cm
Frame material Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy Aluminium Alloy
Solar cell efficiency >21.2% >21.2% >21.2%
Cable model >2.5mm2with MC4 >2.5mm2with MC4 >2.5mm2with MC4
Operating temperature >-40°C to +85°C >-40°C to +85°C >-40°C to +85°C
Warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years
Life time 25 years 25 years 25 years
N. W 16.07kgs 19.07kgs 22.70kgs
G. W 17.80Kgs 21.80Kgs 24.30Kgs


Refurbish the streets

Because the cylindrical solar panels catch light from every direction, the solar-powered street light can be placed in any orientation. This makes it easy to install. Its sleek design fits perfectly on every road, street or square. Whether you need to replace a conventional street light, or modernise a new street with a pre-existing power grid, the Sunwebcam Grid offers a cost-efficient solution to making the streets of today look like the world of the future.

Furthermore, Sunwebcam Grid solar street lighting is made to withstand rough conditions. Integrated in the mast of the Sunwebcam Grid are Sunwebcam’s unique, vertically oriented solar modules, to which dirt or snow is unable to stick. All solar cells are laminated onto a scratch-resistant exterior that retains its sleek look and color during its operational lifetime. When reliability is key, aesthetics are important or carbon footprints need to be reduced, the Sunwebcam Grid is the product of choice.

Technical Specifications

Solar Panel            160Wp Monocrystalline Silicon

                               >22% percent conversion, 25 years lifespan

Lights Power           3000 Lumens

                                Japanese NICHIA 5050#LED chip, lifespan> 50000h

                                Luminous efficiency: 200 Lumens/ Watt

Battery                    750Wh LiFePO4

                               >2000 cycles of charging & discharging

                               5~8 years lifespan guaranteed

Material                  Aluminium alloy, 100% recyclable

Working Modes      Light-operated/ Timer

Mounting Height     4~5 meters

Controller                MPPT, with wireless communication module

                                Over charge, discharge, short circuit, open load protection

                                Lightning protection and other functions refers to manual

Where to Use Recommended

High end communities
Pathway of garden
Driveway of residential area
Parking lot
Secondary main roads in the city
Road of tourist area


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