We customized solution as per request from clients, first we evaluate project site’s sunlight resources and weather information of the last 22 years from NASA database, then learn the lighting requirements ( working hours /phases per night ) of the project; Last step to calculate proper size of solar panel and capacity of battery.

NASA Authoritative Database

Data of project sites is last 22 years average solar & weather condition

Solar Energy Resource

Monthly averaged insolation incident on a horizontal surface (kWh/m2/day), for sizing solar panels.

Geographical Coordinates

Accurate latitude & longitude data helps engineer get accurate results

Weather Condition

Equivalent number of NO-SUN or BLACK Days ( rainy & snowy season) for sizing capacity of battery.

DiaLux simulation for remote area road

Drawings ( PDF/DWG) of layout implantation upon request

It is generally applicable to where no need or need less light on the back of pole, such as residential area, high way, bridge and etc.

It is intended for luminaire mounting at or near center of roadways, center islands of parkway. It is also meant for large, commercial parking lot lighting as well as areas where sufficient, evenly distributed light is necessary.

Professional Street Lights &

Outdoor Lights Design

DiaLux Simulation for Illumination Effect

After our engineer team confirmed the power and model of solar Outdoor lights, we can provide DiaLux simulation for customers’ project upon per requests, we can design a road to demonstrate, or use the drawings ( PDF or DWG file, etc ) customer provides to do implantation, customers can get a general ideal about our solar street lights working performance before procurement; At same time we will provide our opinion based on years of knowledge and experience, help customers to get the most suitable model for his project, this ensures each of our customers won’t overpay money for oversized solar street lights.

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